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Theater Show - World of Instruments: The Multicultural Roots of American Music

Unusual instruments demonstrate how American Music was created from multicultural musical influences.


Lots of instruments, lots of music, lots of history, lots of fun!



Why book this show?


1. Audiences are engaged from the first minute.



2. Audiences learn how to use any material to make music.



3. Audiences learn multicultural appreciation by hearing instruments from around the world that created American popular music.



2010 Solo Artist Blues Artist of the Year

DC Blues Society

What people are saying:

"The Curtis Blues Show is full of musical history I had never heard before.

I grew up on baby boomer music and now I know the rest of the story. Excellent!"

Audience member, Colonial Theater, Phoenixville, PA

Blues Barrelhouse Party

Need some great American roots music to serve as a backdrop for a special event?



This show appeals to all ages.



Playing as a one-man-band with drums, guitar and harmonica fills the room without interfering with conversation.



Full band sound at the price of a solo performer.

A full band sound for the price of a solo performer!

What people are saying:

"Curtis has played at our company's family picnic for the

last two years. 

He creates a fun and relaxed environment and truly understands how to reach a crowd of all ages.

He is exceptionally talented and his warm personality and love for what he does clearly comes through his music. 

He has the unique combination of being able to entertain people while also teach them about a special era of music."

Managing Director AvalonBay Communities, VA

Educational Library Shows

Library shows need to satisfy all age groups. I have a few different library shows to please your patrons.



1. There’s More to the Story theme:

The Multicultural Roots of American Music.



2. Making Instruments Out of Junk from All Over the World

(Ecology, Nature, Science themes )



3. Early Childhood Wild Animal Dance Party

(For your littlest readers, full of imagination and literacy connections.)



Why book this show?


1. Trained Teaching Artist makes learning fun.



2. All age groups will be engaged and learn new things.



3. Trained in Early Child Development for young learners.

Playing instruments from African gourd instruments through the electric guitar while playing bass and snare drums with his feet makes American music history come alive.

What people are saying:

"This show was equally engaging for our adults as well as the youngest children."

Librarian, Baltimore Public Library, MD.

Assisted Living and Senior Center Shows

Senior shows need to stimulate thought and respectfully  engage seniors.



Connecting music history with their life experiences lets seniors interact with dignity and respect for their life experiences.



Bringing my instruments into the audience for a close look makes my shows especially engaging for seniors.



Why book this show?


1. Music is something that senior brains relish.



2. Music encourages movement and joy.



3. I am honored to serve the senior community and it shows.


Seniors respond well to the combination of diverse instruments and discussions of musical history.

What people are saying:

"I wanted to share how FABULOUS

Curtis was with the Misler participants!

His musicianship was fantastic and his enthusiasm and knowledge was incredible!! Thanks VERY much!"

Acting Director, Misler Adult Day Center

Cahnmann Center for Supportive Services,

Rockville, MD

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