Curtis Blues
plays Mississippi Delta Blues from the 1920's to the 1940's.

Acoustic Blues Shows for Colleges and Universities

Solo blues artist of the year, Curtis Blues, brings the magic of acoustic blues to your school in these programs:

Mississippi Juke Joint Rock'n House Party!

This show turns your coffee house or small venue into a 1930's Juke Joint for the night. This high energy musical performance can be enjoyed seated or if the spirit moves you, dancing.


The History of Acoustic Delta Blues,
the Roots of Rock and Hip Hop.

This show traces the history of acoustic blues through the one-string diddley bow and African gourd banjo to the metal resonator guitars that were the hottest guitars before the invention of eclectic guitars. By performing with each instrument and letting students get close, learning about the history of American music comes alive.

Students find acoustic instruments fascinating and it is easy for them to connect to this music. During my show, I demonstrate how Delta blues music is the basis for modern rock and hip hop. It gives students a connection to another time and place and their own inner musical talent.

Students leave my show knowing more about this period in American history, but even more, they have learned something about their own ability to express their feelings through song writing and music.


Family Day Acoustic Blues Show

Want something exciting for multi-age group mixers? Acoustic blues is the perfect background for all ages. It encourages conversation because this music is not too loud or overpowering. Every age group can relate to the blues!


CNN called Curtis Blues:

"The man who is keeping acoustic blues alive today."


The Washingtond DC Blues Society voted him:

Solo Blues Artist of the Year


The Soul of Rock'n Roll said:

Curtis Blues is simply one of the best new acoustic delta blues performers I've heard
in a long time.


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