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Up-cycling: Making Musical Instruments
Out of Junk From Around the World

Science - STEAM - Curriculum-Aligned Show

Using the STEM engineering model as a guide, Curtis performs on a variety of instruments made of “up-cycled” materials.


Students discuss responsible green practices and how they can use discarded items to create musical instruments.


This assembly program touches on many curriculum connections from science, social studies and history.


It inspires students to be flexible and creative when thinking about how people throughout history have made their own instruments to express their feelings.


Reasons to book this show:


1. Students are engaged in learning from the first minute from the unusual instruments.



2. Students learn how a creative person can use any material to make music.



3. Students learn about other cultures and how they created instruments out of what they had. It is a lesson in resilience and multicultural appreciation.



4. Programs differentiated for K-2 and 3-8 curriculum content if booked for back to back shows.

Playing a water bottle bass drum, a paint can snare, and homemade guitars made of gas cans and boxes, this show is perfect for Ecology themed assemblies.

What people are saying:

“We all enjoyed your performance! Everyone keeps talking about what a great show you put on, your talent, enthusiasm and genuine engagement with our students really came through!”

Thanks for making our Earth Day celebration so memorable.

Fondly, The Harbour School, MD

"He made music out of old cans and a mule's jaw! I can't wait to get home to build my own instruments."

2nd Grade Student Rose Hill Elementary, VA

A Musical Journey to the Roots of Rock and Rap Through Multicultural Instruments and Expressive Songwriting

Language Arts - Curriculum-Aligned Show

Multi-instrumentalist Curtis Blues performs with fascinating instruments from Africa and North and South America to demonstrate the multicultural American musical history that created popular music today.


This assembly focuses on the poetic, figurative language found in American Blues songs and popular music. This helps students understand how they can make their writing compelling with sensory images and figurative language. It is targeted to the specific grade levels to connect with their age-appropriate curricuia.


This assembly program touches on many 21st Century skills and connections, as well as celebrating the lives of  specific African-Americans who changed musical history. A highlight of the show for students is when we write a short blues song together using student generated sensory based prompts.


Reasons to book this show:


1. Students are engaged in learning from the first minute and stay engaged by lively music and questions about songwriting.


2. Students learn how metaphorical language allows us to express complex feelings and ideas in simple images.


3. Students learn about other cultures and people from different time periods who share their modern concerns.


4. Programs differentiated for K-2 and 3-8 curricula content if booked for back to back shows.


Playing instruments from African gourd instruments through the electric guitar while playing bass and snare drums with his feet makes American music history come alive.

What people are saying:

"This was the most amazing assembly we have had at our school."

6th Grader, Baltimore, MD.
"Curtis arrived early, was all set up at performance time, shared thoughts/questions with Principal before performance, and gave a foot-stomping performance which included many anecdotes about the history of the blues and rhythm music around the world, focusing on the US.

He is a wonderful performer, dynamic, and so inclusive of the audience, that even students who started off unimpressed, were clapping and keeping the beat by the end of the show!!!

This was a beautiful and great performance - BRAVO! "


George Washington Academy

Performance Focused Show
for Parent's Day etc.

Need some great American roots music to serve as a backdrop for a special event at your school?


My shows appeal to all ages and I will perform traditional material that everyone will love.


Playing as a one-man-band with drums guitar and harmonica fills the room without interfering with conversation.


Full band sound at the price of a solo performer.


2010 Solo Artist Blues Artist of the Year

DC Blues Society

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