Curtis Blues
plays Mississippi Delta Blues from the 1920's to the 1940's.

Acoustic Blues Show for Schools

I have special shows for different grade levels that include age appropriate standards of learning and the No Child Left Behind national content standards.

And I make it all fun!

I bring my instruments right into the audience to maximize both personal contact and warmth, and the mental stimulation of being close to fascinating instruments.

I cover points from social studies, language arts, and music to make this a memorable learning experience for everyone.



What teachers say:

"Curtis was very organized and informative, but still enthusiastic and kid friendly. He was engaging and so much fun!"

"Curtis was terrific. All grades (1-5) were engaged and learning!"

Extend Center - York, VA

"Curtis Blues captured the hearts of our students and staff with his soulful singing and skillful playing.
Curtis educated his young and older audiences in joyful and informative performances. His enormous talent, combined with passion-filled performances, really rocked our school. This One-Man-Band will surely keep you singing!"

Yoon Soo Lim,
Music Department Chair at Montgomery School

Students find acoustic instruments fascinating and it is easy for them to connect to this music. During my show, I demonstrate how Delta blues music is the basis for modern rock and hip hop. It gives students a connection to another time and place and their own inner musical talent.

My show includes unusual instruments from the 1920's and 1930's including a guitar made of a cigar box (seen right). Each instrument provides a different sound and students love to see and hear them up close when I bring them into the audience.

Students leave my show knowing more about this period in American history, but even more, they have learned something about their own ability to express their feelings through songwriting and music.


I know that schools have limited budgets for arts learning programs. I have priced my school shows below my usual corporate show rates to help you afford professional entertainment for your students.

Please contact me to discuss your school show needs.

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